Contending With Maya

26 Aug


“According to the Vedas, there are two ways of passing from this world – one in light and one in darkness. When one passes in light, he does not come back; but when one passes in darkness, he returns.” Bhagavad Gita.Ch.8.Text 26.

Running back and forth between the various goals of life, but ultimately wanting to return to Krishna, the living entity is a duality in itself; lusting for the best of both worlds, yet willing to sacrifice everything for the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Whereas the material nature can only partially satisfy the jiva in its course throughout eternity, only the Supreme Person can completely bring the jiva to its perfection in heavenly splendor; for the Complete is in charge of making the living entities feel complete due to knowing about Him.

Traditionally absorbed in activities meant to pacify the senses of the body for brief moments of time, there is no relief from the threefold miseries since there is no end to the number of illusory material sentiments that betrays the soul by preventing it from fully delving into the love of God. Stubborn enough to not want to listen to the Supersoul or to the injunctions of the scriptures, what is more terrifying than being born again is remaining ignorant of the Supreme.

While under the influence of nescience, which is the visible darkness of the mind, death comes as relief from suffering, but not from the bondage of an ignorant mind. However, if intelligent enough to be conscious of God and how only He liberates the soul from its present miserable condition, then the jiva is in a condition to reverse the fate assigned to him by the three modes of nature.

Aware of God while living and dying, the soul dies everyday to its own nescience by faithfully praying to Bhagavan for the knowledge and grace needed to emerge into the glories of the spiritual world. Born as a sinner into a sinful world where the most disgraced are worshiped to a fault, what is there left to do but to seek for the Absolute who is untouched by all the sins of the cosmic manifestation.

Drawing a fine line between matter and spirit, countless fathers and mothers are producing their own offspring, yet there is no real spiritual birth occurring without the jivas praying to God to show them the path that ends all distress and hankering for that which is unhealthy to the soul’s development within the three worlds.

Sinless when able to appreciate God’s love for His parts and parcels, no one can love another as God does, for He is motiveless in everything that He does and feels in relation to the jivas who have the potential to leave this world in the light of Krishna consciousness. Aiming for the highest potential destination by leaving one’s fate and faith up the Supreme Person, total trust in the Godhead’s plans is the boat leading out of the turbulent waves of ignorant misery. Finding a place to anchor oneself by coming to depend on the Godhead more and more, God has total trust in us even if we end up foolishly doubting His sincerity and reason for being.

Absolute and all-encompassing, His love and faith is similarly extending to all of the living entities whether they accept this grace or not. The mercy of God being for everyone, and everyone being a part of God, it is still nonetheless a rare event for even one soul to admit its own faults in order to see the perfection of the Supreme. With full humility, may all who are conscious of God become even more conscious of His Self; for there is no end to His manifest and unmanifest glories.

Taking one bold move towards the Supreme, the Godhead is that which we have always been looking for, and is the source of our spiritual strength. Strong enough to wrestle ourselves out of and away from maya, darkness is no longer a problem to contend with when Krishna is our only solution.

A Taste Of Eternity

22 Aug

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Harinama – Aug.9th – 2014

10 Aug

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A Push For Daiva Varnasrama

10 Jul


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The Acarya As The Seed Of Life

5 Jul


“For one who sees Me everywhere and sees everything in Me, I am never lost, nor is he ever lost to Me.” (Bhagavad Gita Ch.6 – Text 30)

That fortunate soul who sees the eternal acarya everywhere never becomes lost to His instructions which are His eternal memories of the Supreme Father of Goloka Vrindavana. Never a stranger to the acarya as He is as eternal as Krishna is eternal, why divert the mind’s attention away from anything other than the pure nectar of His self-realization in order to supposedly relish the name and fame of mundane personalities who are as close to the Godhead as a stone is?

Never losing the soul’s Krishna Conscious intelligence when remembering the sublime purity of the acarya’s connection to the Godhead of every universe that is conceivable, stick to watering the root by worshiping and serving Prabhupada in separation, for by the worship of Prabhupada, the worship of Krishna is automatically fulfilled, being the living bhagavatam in the place of the Supreme Person. Seeing what is eternal in a so-called temporary form, the acarya lives on in the hearts of His disciples, and by their preaching of the holy names of Godhead.

Lord Caitanya ordering everyone to do nothing but spread the holy names in every town and village, whether a low class or high class person, ascend to the mystical height of the love of God; for that is where reality is truly distinguished from illusion; thus clearing the path of offenses and liberating the soul from the traps sent by Kamsa, the abode of sin. Creating many obstacles for the heart and for the entire world by saying that any soul can become like Krishna, and therefore not a conditioned jiva for a large portion of eternity, the infinite nature of Vedic knowledge ought to liberate the mind through continuous remembrance of He who is never lost to Krishna; namely the transcendental head of the disciplic succession.

Never lost to maya when with Krishna and the acarya through the agency of the holy name and the scriptures, see how the truth, as laid out by the acarya, is as expansive and infinite as Krishna is currently situated everywhere in all places and times. Capable of saving all souls that pour out in the millions every time He breathes one complete round of intelligent life giving energy, who can have a better understanding of the inconceivable potencies of Godhead than the self-realized acarya who is like a brilliant sun shining in the depths of ignorance and darkness?

The yogi who knows that I and the Supersoul within all creatures are one worships Me and remains always in Me in all circumstances.” (Bhagavad Gita Ch.6 – Text 31)

Persuaded to follow the path that leads out of Kamsa’s demonic control, follow the light of Vedic knowledge all the way back to its Source within that transcendent atmosphere where all the pure devotees dwell who have freed themselves from the four defects of humanity and have slain the demon that is the cheating propensity.

Ruthless and intolerant of those who want to love Krishna and the acarya in the mood of separation like Lord Caitanya did while incarnate here, Kamsa has a whole army of personified tribulations to plague the pilgrim with, and thereby distract him from realizing the sublime reality that is described in the scriptures. Removing Kamsa from the temples of the world, Krishna and His divine majesty is infinitely more valuable than the so-called health and expansion of once spiritual institutions that have become lifeless due to the influence of so many putanas draining the life force from the baby disciples of His Divine Grace.

Though it is a fact that Krishna, the Supreme Person, is in all persons and species of life without prejudice, He favors His pure devotees since they never lie about Him in order to enthuse and push wrongly acquired disciples to wrongly praise material situations and mundane charities over the pure glories of the original fountainhead of all Vedic knowledge. Solely the Godhead is worthy of everyone’s loving devotion and surrendered service. Everything else that is done separately from the original desire of the acarya amounts to idol worship, whether in relation to a statue or a stone like personality. Unflinching adoration of the truth is the unique gift of one who loves God above the many trappings and disguises of material sense gratification resulting in an inflated sense of mundane power.

Krishna not desiring His disciples to collect mountains of donations for Kamsa like personalities inspired by philanthropy and world domination and other instances of gaining ┬ámore unnecessary and irrelevant influence over and within the world stage, He wants all of His devotees to collect as much love, faith, and hope out of the hearts of the people as is humanly possible. Remaining always in Him through receiving His instructions in the signs of the time and in the supreme order of the acarya, a quiet heart is required for a mind that can contemplate the absolute nature of Krishna’s pastimes. Defeating Kama’s vast horde of darkened and layered states of emotional confusion by siding with Balarama’s fighting spirit, the Supersoul is with the yogi who maintains a positive attitude of transcendence while being seemingly buried and forgotten by the vastness of material time. Nothing can defeat the devotee, not even material death.


Hare Krsna And Tam-Tam

1 Jul

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Starting To Preach

30 Jun


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