Sri Krishna Karnamrita (3)

18 Nov


Originally Written By Bilvamangala Thakura

Translated By Jagannath Swami

May a vision of the Supreme Lord awaken in my mind of Them arising out of the lotus flower of divine and cosmic union. Both of the bracelets attached to the lotus feet of Sri Sri Radha Krishna make soothing soul sounds, and His yellow garment is held onto by both of Them.

Not noticing the passing of eternity, Radha and Krishna are fatigued from Their play together, and His peacock feather is so relaxed that it slips out of His hair. Holding Krishna within Her beautiful lotus arms, They resume Their fickle nature of divine play.

We worship Bhagavan, the Supreme Lord of the mahabhagavatas, who secretively closes His eyes out of samadhi. Pretending to sleep, He did so to hear the esoteric chatter of the gopis, which is supremely pleasing to the soul’s sense of hearing. Though He is the master renunciate because of being Bhagavan, He still smiles when hearing the gopis speak of Him.

Incapable of preventing the ocean of prema bhakti from embracing Him, His hairs stand on end in sheer ecstatic devotional pleasure. No one else is lovable other than Sri Krishna. Lovable when absorbed in deep thought or while decorating the lotus forms of the gopis, He is seen to be walking as if stunned throughout the land of Vraja, which celebrates His dancing feet everywhere.

When will I see Him again as His young transcendental self? Unchallenged in His spiritual royalty, He is the supreme beauty; being so, I maybe shall soon be a particle of the vision flooding the nectar of His flute music. When will Gopala, the peacock of my heart, soothe my stricken eye and vision of Him? The most gentle of softest living entities, He is the reality of the symbol of pure honey.

O moon like Krishna! Cool my blazing mind with Your sidelong glance that is tinged with divine loving sentiments. The entire manifestation is made youthful and playful because of the magnanimity of Your eternal childhood.

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